Dinora Ingberman M.D. Services

Diagnosis of pain conditions

Records review, physical examination and assessment of diagnoses

Comprehensive pain management

Interdisciplinary approach to pain treatment focusing on patient education and reduction of dependence on pain medications. IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback treatments to help patients suffering from chronic pain associated with anxiety and insomnia.

Dependence on opioid medications and Medical Cannabis Applications

Adjusting medications and helping to wean off opioid (narcotic) pain medication to avoid long tern negative consequences. Suboxone prescription when indicated with the focus of eventual weaning off this medication. Do you know that prolonged use of narcotic pain medications can cause or worsen depression, anxiety, sleep problems, immune system compromise, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction and actually increased pain?

Regenerative therapy including prolotherapy injections

Prolotherapy is injection of concentrated dextrose solution that is not harmful compared to cortisone injections. It strengthen tendons and ligaments which help to stabilize a joint and decrease pain. Most often this helps to avoid surgical interventions. Arthroscopy or joint replacement are often avoided or significantly postponed. Do you know that clinical studies have demonstrated that arthroscopy often leads to prolonged recovery, increased risks of accelerated arthritic changes and no significant long term benefit.

Medical Acupuncture and Homeopathy

Acupuncture various techniques help to bring a balance that is necessary for normal healing. Disposable sterile acupuncture needles are placed in various parts of the body and left for 30-60 minutes. Often patients feel relaxed and even fall asleep during the treatment. This treatment has proven to be effective for many painful and other medical conditions. Homeopathic remedies may help to relieve chronic pain and decrease the need for pain medications.

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